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(C)hugging a warm brew by the rural Scottish countryside:
Coffee, much like beer, is an acquired taste. You don’t really like it at first.
But when you do, you wonder what the hell is wrong with those who don’t…

Ebàdo c’est Moi!

  " Who am I?

– Peace Orchestra

Back in 1990-something, I acquired for myself a camera. In fact, I hijacked it. Or stole it. Semantics, however, are not important. It was an Olympus Mju. A compact. The film type. Being the kind of kid that wasted my mother’s Kodak-budget on snaps of buckets recently filled with rainwater in the backyard, and lovely Art Nuveau (lol) shots of my shoes in the grass, my dad offered me a used Nikon SLR (also the film type) when I hit the ripe age of 18.

Fourscore divided by four, and minus some few, small years later, I find myself doing exactly what I did when I was 17. Writing a blog, and taking pictures. The circle has gone full, as it were. At least in the sense of returning to one’s first love and preoccupation, making it one’s main occupation.

Welcome to my humble abode (hah! an anagram for one’s name!) on the interwebs,

I once stated, on my first “real” blog, back in 2001, that “this would be my 15 megabytes of fame” – Quite literally, as web hosting back then was counted in, and limited to, megabytes. Unless you were Coca Cola or The New York Times, that is.

Anyhow, it is not of importance. This is my little photoblog. And I wishest thou my humblest and most sincere Hello and Welcome! And of course, my sincerest apologies for the shite Shakespearean appropriation of thy language. If you’re a native speaker of The Queen’s English, that is.

Click around, and, dude! Buy something! I sell prints! Buy them!

Most truly yours,
– Ebàdo.